Claudia Boyo

Hello Swimwear Seekers,

I would love to share a little about myself with you so you can understand the concept and drive behind the brand Little Peach. I am 24 year old architect and travel influencer from New Zealand. I am half  Kiwi, quarter German, quarter African which means I have family all across the world. Going to visit them sparked my love of travel from a young age and I now love sharing the joys and beauty of travel with others through Instagram.
After studying for 5 years to complete my masters in architecture and completing my first project in the real world I decided to take a break and do what makes me happiest - travelling the world. 

I spent 2 months exploring Europe and 95% of the time I practically lived in a bikini. But I got sick of spending hours upon hours in dark changing rooms and dingy stores searching for the "perfect bikini". So I have decided to do something to change this for the greater good of all our future holidays. And here we are. I have founded the Little Peach brand because I am an extremely passionate bikini wearer and I believe buying good fitting, beautiful and high quality swimwear should be a simple and affordable task for everyone.

I have always struggled to find bikinis, not that I love (that's easy) but that actually fit me. My biggest problem is that I need large tops but small bottoms. So finding flattering bikinis for my body type is time consuming, often a bit deflating and regularly doesn't result in a purchase. Little Peach is my response to the lack of an inclusive attitude towards swimwear in todays market. I believe woman should be able to find beautiful pieces for each and every body type at the click of a button. 

My overall goal is to provide you with the option to mix and match the sizes of the tops and bottoms, removing the stress of shopping for unique body types. To get a good grip on the brand and to provide you with the best service possible I am starting with just basic sets of S M and L, and within a few months I hope to be able to provide you with the ability to mix and match. 

I hope you are able to find something on Little Peach that makes you feel beautiful and confident without having to go through the trials and tribulations of the average swimwear shopper. 

- Claudi B x